In the heart of the Alps, the Mont-Blanc Industries Zone has established itself as a key pole for technological innovation; an industrial crossroads on a European scale. It’s here that the Pierre PEZET Company has been developing since 1965. As a manufacturer of precision mechanical parts for numerous applications, including aeronautics, hydraulics, electronics, and medical uses, the Pierre PEZET Company embodies technical sophistication at the service of cutting-edge industries.

We accompany businesses of all sizes in the field of precision machining. Companies that call upon our competencies quite often do so for very complex parts.

Our strength

We are capable of producing from single
parts to serial production of up to 20000 parts,
from 0.5 mm in diameter to 250 mm
in diameter, or 1600 x 500 x 400 in milling.
All of these parts meet with the technical
requirements of our clients, thanks to
a rigorous quality control system that
our team members diligently apply.

Each year, we produce over 7000 references, of which 20% are new industrializations. The ability to continually innovate is perfectly integrated within our industrial approach.
We work side by side with our clients and their design offices, to guide them in their technological choices (materials, tolerance, surface treatments, ROHS…) as well as prototyping and serial production, thereby allowing them to benefit from a global process.
The goal: to allow our clients financial savings by optimizing costs or manufacturing lead-times, while complying with the technical particularities of their specifications.

Recruitment plays an essential part in our approach to excellence. By integrating in our teams motivated engineers and technicians that we continually train on production tool developments, each process is defined and mastered with a view to optimize.

Photo du mont blanc, Pierre Pezet Usinage et precision